Predicative adjuncts – bepaling van gestelheid


A predicative adjunct tells you something about two other sentence elements, those being:

  • The predicate
  • The subject or the object

Usually a predicative adjunct will consist out of an adjective, but it may also consist out of a noun or a prepositional group/


  • De leden van het team vonden hem een klier.
    The members of the team thought him to be a pain in the neck.
    (een klier says something about vonden (predicate) and hem (object))
  • Hij stampte de appels tot moes.
    He mashed the apples to mash. (tot moes says something about stampte (predicate) and de appels (object))
  • Drijfnat kwam hij gisteren thuis.
    He came home extremely wet the other day
    (drijfnat says something about kwam (predicate) and hij (subject))