The indirect object – meewerkend voorwerp


The Indirect object is the part of the sentence that starts with the words ‘aan’  or ‘voor’, though sometimes those words are missing,  and then you can find the indirect object by adding ‘aan’ or ‘voor’ to the sentence inside of your mind. In sentences with an indirect object you will often find a direct object as well.
When you add the words ‘aan’ or ‘voor, the indirect object and the direct object may have to swap places in order for you to get a correct sentence.


He gives her the present. (Hij geeft haar het cadeau.) He gives the present to her. (Hij geeft het cadeau aan haar.)
’haar’ (‘her’)  is the indirect object.

You can also find the indirect object by asking yourself:
who + predicate + subject + direct object?


Het meisje geeft haar hond voer.
(The girl gives her dog food.)

Aan wie geeft (gezegde) het meisje (onderwerp) voer (lijdend voorwerp)?
(To whom does (predicate) the girl (subject) give (predicate) food (direct object)?)
answer: de kippen (the chickens) => indirect object.

Exercise indirect object